Nameless MC

hello everyone, I can not install Nameless MC on my site can someone help me? Please

I was having difficulties in find what is this — their website loads painfully slow for me. :upside_down_face:

However, being judged by its name and some info I can access, it is possible that you can’t install this stuff here.

Even if you can, you might end up meeting with these limits:


Can we help you? Maybe. But we can try to help you.

Could you please start by explaining more about the issue you’re running in to and what you see?


When i go to the site i got the 404 error


Yes, that is a sentence discourse


I think he’s talking about this CMS made for Minecraft servers

One problem you will have is this:

Nameless will try to use PHP’s mail function by default

Free servers don’t support email sending via this method. There is a post here which shows you how to use SMTP for mail instead:

Also make sure the Nameless web directory (and its subdirectories) are writable by PHP.


double check your htqccess file and be sure either directory index is set or modrewrite configured correctly.

Havent checked that cms but if any of its php scripts exceeds 1mb, it will deleted from server. You May upload PHP files unoptimized.

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