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What do you mean by that? Please elaborate and provide more information.



From the title of your post, it seems you may be affected by this:

If trying to use a custom domain instead, this might help:


it is continuously showing that your domain name is not showing at name server pls approve my domain name

In fact, the domain you’re using is not even registered, that’s why there are no nameservers! Please register it first through a domain registrar of your choice (we recommend Namesilo), then point it to the nameservers, wait some time and then you can finally add it to your hosting account. If you don’t have money to buy that domain, you can also consider to create a hosting account with a subdomain first, or get a free domain from


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Or FreeDNS is the only one I had in mind that allows changing nameservers without making a request to the service’s admins to enable it though, but their domains need a long time to be activated… Sometimes only a week or two, sometimes also one/two months, rarely even more…


More than 2 months for my case


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