MyBB Pluginds dont visible

Yes friends, unfortunately the plugins I installed via FTP do not appear in the MyBB control panel. Could you please help me, the theme name is stabilizer.


I tried the solutions in the two links you gave, but it didn’t work, it’s still the same and no plugin works, even though I delete them all or even if I delete them one by one, it’s still the same empty.

Yes, as you can see in the title, I told 4 or 5 people to enter my site and test it. They all said that the site could not be accessed, then they were able to access the site by turning on VPN. I do not think it is right for my customers to log in to my site with VPN. My site already has an SSL certificate, please help me.

Can you please provide us with the URL?


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I read all your messages including the admin, I’m confused, what should I do now?

And even though I sent the plugins via FTP to this site, which I set up with Mybb Software, and although my version matches the plugins, the plugins do not appear on infinityhosting and do not work. Pls help meee.

What are the plugins you are trying to use?



I think they are special plugins created for the theme, if you want I can send you the theme file for you to review.

If it is not enough, I can send the theme file sir, please help me.

Im just assuming your problem is with the PHP version. The above screenshot shows that it was last modified in 2020, and some even in 2018. So in InfinityFree, we use PHP 8.2.15 at the moment. PHP discontinued support for older versions in 2021. So you may need to find the latest plugins.


I searched but I couldn’t find how to do it. Is there another way? When I install the SMF forum site plugin, I get a lot of errors such as shell exec etc. They said that this error was again made by infinity to prevent something.

You can’t use shell_exec on free hosting due to security concerns.

If your plugins are outdated, there’s nothing else but to update the code or contact the developers.


Dear Administrator, it has been about a week and they can only log in to my site with VPN. I am tired of this situation. Please fix the problem on my site.

What problem? I wasn’t aware of any problem like what you’re referring to.

The first post in this topic is quite specifically about MyBB plugins not appearing. The underlying assumption is that you are able to access your website, or you wouldn’t be able to see a list of plugins in the first place.

You mentioned in passing that some of your friends were unable to see your website, but that question got snowed under with your question about MyBB plugins.

Next time, please create a new topic if you have an unrelated question. And please don’t wait for a week to get a reply, most questions get answered in at most a day or two.

As for the issue itself, I’m able to access your site just fine (without a VPN), and so are you with a VPN, which means the site itself is working. There are millions of reasons why some website could not be working for some people, so we need more information to narrow that down. And we need you to provide that information if you want us to help you, because we cannot reproduce the issue ourselves.

If for others “the site could not be accessed”, what do they see exactly? Especially any error messages or screenshots would be really helpful.


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