Error Message: MyBB was unable to load the SQL extension.

I am on web server, /home/vol17_1/, so I assume my issue was related to the recent problem.
Initially I was not aware of the hosting problems and thought it was mybb that had become corrupted. I tried the typical fix within config.php, that did not work. I tried restoring the forum from a recent backup including an SQL restore, That resulted in the same error 44. I tried to try a new installation of mtbb & that did not work, I could not get past the initial SQL config screen. It would error out and not connect to SQL.
I restored the original files and SQL config after finding out it was likely a hosting issue. So I’m back to square one.
MySQL Hostname-= I cant ping this address, it does not seem to have an IP address associated with the host name.

Result of

Your server uses PHP version 8.2.12

Your website url is

Your document root is /home/vol17_1/****/htdocs

PHP memory_limit is 512M

PHP max_file_size is 20MB

PHP max_execution_time is 60 seconds

So far all indications are that my site is unable to load the SQL extension. What can I do to reestablish this connection?

Is there an error log somewhere that could perhaps offer a bit more detail?


Hello Greenreader9,
An error log? I’m not aware of any error log.
Is it not it unusual to output such little information when running phpinfo.php ?
Was there a change in php versions while the server was having client issues?

I’ve never had any errors before & since the server issues my forum is down… Its hard not to think its related. I cant produce output info about the SQL Extensions. I cant even install a brand new forum because of SQL issues… So its like I’m locked out of installing or using mybb.

Is there any way to verify that the SQL extensions are installed and working?

Hi mmaiato,

PHP 8.2 has MySQLite installed, at least mysqli_* and PDO functions will work as you expect.

As for other functions, maybe I did something you’re looking for:


A quick Google search points me to this post:

In it, they say the problem is likely caused by the setting $config['database']['type'], which could be either mysqli or mysql, according to the reply. Most likely this should be mysqli in all cases, because the mysql extension was removed with PHP 7.0 officially, but still supported by us up to PHP 7.4, but removed with the PHP 8.2 update.

Your site is configured to use mysql, so you’ll probably need to change this to mysqli.

Unusual? Yes. Indicative of a problem? No, this is by design, and won’t affect the functionality of your website.

It’s likely that the server issues were the result of your server being updated to a new PHP version.


I wish it was as simple as changing a setting in config.php, but that change results in what looks like a more serious error. I think I may have made a mistake with the sql hostname when setting up from scratch, so I will try that again. I cant see why deploying the latest version of mybb would result in php incompatibilities.

Did you make the change? What “more serious error” did you see when you did? It’s entirely possible that mysqli is still the right setting, but it’s not the only problem with your site.

Your website is returning a Cloudflare “Invalid SSL certificate” error for me now. That’s a completely unrelated to any database settings, but rather a problem with the SSL settings of your account.

We recommend using Cloudflare with a self signed SSL certificate on your hosting account, with Cloudflare in “Full” SSL mode.


I tried a vanilla install of mybb with the correct sqlhostname and that worked.
Admin, the error looked more serious because it was approx. 8-10 lines of bad code. Assumingly preventing the site from launching.
-Try accessing the site now and let me know if you still get an ssl error.
BTW the config.php file now shows mysqli for the database type, in this default new installation.
I guess I will move on to restoring my previous data without breaking the new install.
Thanks for all your help guys.


It all worked out, I don’t know why some say you cannot restore mybb to a new installation. It restored everything that counts. The users, the forums, the posts, & themes.
What it did not restore was the plugins, post images, custom avatars, These are easily transferable from the recent files backup.
In the end I guess I had too many php customization’s to be compatible with php8.
A full restore of files and MySQL from a very recent backup resulted in the same error (44). A new installation with MySQL & partial files restore fixed the issue.
Not knowing much about PHP beyond the obvious did not help, but I feel I’ve gained some insight (not much).
Thanks again guys


It seems to me that you likely have a similar situation occurring. Php incompatibility with your current sites coding.


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