My website with custom domain still not see after 2days

when I open new account for hosting ,
they said that if new domain, not see your website , wait 48 hr to see website.( DNS issue)
I already upload all folders .
my website domain is .
why still not see.

Where did you upload? Make sure to upload in the htdocs folder.

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yes , in htdocs

Your site won’t load because it has no nameservers. Because you have a custom domain, I suggest using CloudFlare:


The domain doesn’t appear to be registered at all, so of course it doesn’t work.

The domain does appear to be working somewhat, but there are two issues:

  • You added the nameservers and, but also have a nameserver set up. Please remove ALL nameservers EXCEPT those from us, or people will have trouble accessing your site.
  • The website opens for me, but is returning a blank page with a status code of 500. This means your website code is crashing.

Please see this article for more info:

Finally, I would recommend against using Cloudflare as a end-all solution. Cloudflare has benefits, but also downsides, so don’t use it unless you want or need to use it.


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