My website was completely deleted

I kept getting a 403 error. I went in and checked my files to find out that somebody had completely deleted everything. Can my website be restored? Are Infinityfree servers safe to use?

Unfortunately, we experienced a technical issue with the storage of the server your website was on. We did what we could to recover as much data as possible, but unfortunately the files of some accounts were lost and could not be recovered. Depending on when you last saw your files, it’s possible that your site may have been affected by this.

In most cases, what you see on your account is what we have. We do not keep backups of free hosting accounts.

We do our best to ensure the integrity of our servers and the data on them at all times, but sometimes issues occur where data is lost. These kinds of issues are very rare, and generally only affect a small number of accounts.

So, in general, I can still confidently say that our servers are safe to use.

However, regardless of the track record of a hosting provider, it’s always a good idea to have your own backups of your site. Data can get lost for all kinds of reasons, not just server errors, and having your own backup is the best way to protect against all of them.


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