My website takes too long to load the first time


Hola, al querer ingresar a mi web por primera vez desde cualquier dispositivo tarda demasiado en cargar, luego ya se mantienen a una velocidad decente, eso pasa todos los días. Después de algunas horas de no entrar a la web vuelve a tardar demasiado en cargar.

Agradecería mucho me pudieran ayudar a resolver este problema, muchas gracias.

Translated to English

Hello, wanting to enter my website for the first time from any device takes too long to load, then they already stay at a decent speed, that happens every day. After a few hours of not entering the web it takes too long to load. I would appreciate very much if you could help me solve this problem, thank you very much.

Welcome, please post in English.
Since you are using a custom domain, you may want to use CloudFlare.
Follow this guide.

Using cron job may help as well


Hi, I did the whole process that they recommended to use Cloudflare and now every time I enter my website, the images are not visible. In addition to the fact that the page continues to take too long to load. And then when doing the ssl setup step my page didn’t reload anymore.

What mode is CloudFlare running on (flexible, full etc)?

Sounds similar to this thread


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Everything I see points to this being the same issue as I described in another topic yesterday:


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