My website is redirected to suspended domain page


I’ve been using infinity free to host my domain for past few months. I tried to change my website to another account in the same hosting service (infinity free). Then i reactivated and tried to use, but it is directed to suspended domain page. Pls, help me how can i resolve it?

Is your account suspended? Check in the Client Area.

No. Its not suspended. Its active

So you moved your domain from one account to another? You will have to wait for DNS caching, which can take up to 72 hours.



Its not working

What do you mean by “it’s not working”? What do you see? We can’t help you if you don’t provide us any information.

As i said before, my website is redirected to suspended domain page

Your problem is you have mixed nameservers. If you are going to use Cloudflare, please remove the nameservers. If you do not wish to use Cloudflare, please remove the nameservers.



Yeah i have changed to only cloudflare name servers. But still it is redirected to suspended page. Why?

Do you have Cloudflare set up correctly?


Hi there.

Ill explain everything. Pls try to help me.

A week before my website was good ( ) and hosted in infinity free and used cloudflare also.

A fee days ago i deactivated my hosting of my website and reactivated again.

After that its showing active in client area but my website is directed to suspended domain page.

It seems like your account may be stuck on suspended. To fix this:

  1. click “Edit Account”
  2. Under “Hosting Account Password”, click “Save Password”
  3. Update all of your code to use the new password you can find under “Account Details”

I looked up your domain name, and it seems to be assigned to the hosting account epiz_31374004, which you deactivated yourself.

Please note that deactivating an account does NOT release the domain names on the account. If you want to add the domain to another account, you’ll need to reactivate this account first, and manually remove the domain from the account.

Or you could just reactivate the account and host your website on it right away. That way, the suspended page will disappear the moment the account is reactivated, and you can start working on it immediately.


Suspended domain page disappeared.
But my website is active in two different accounts.
Is that the reason for 404 error?

If so, how to remove my domain from one account?

What do you mean? A domain can only be assigned to one account at a time.

I have two accounts , in both it shows active.

I wanna know how to remove domain manually from one account?

Log in to cPanel through the Client Area. Click Addon Domains, find the domain in the list and click Remove.


Note that the account label does not tell you what domain(s) is assigned to the account.