My website is not working anymore

Hello, I can’t access to my website It was working yesterday and now he’s unreachable. :frowning:

My browser (firefox) say that he can’t find this website…

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Same here !

could not be found

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try refreshing?? it works on my end. (please use ctrl+f5 to refresh the cache) thanks!

I tried to clear the cache but that’s not working :confused:

could be on DNS migration then sometimes my webpages go down too but its back online in about 1hr would you mind waiting?? sometimes this could solve the problem
its actually quite interesting that webpages goes down often

Cleared the cache and still can’t access the site.

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I might chose another host, I don’t wan’t my website to be down “sometimes” :smile:

well… i think its better to report this as a error to admin which he might able to repair the problem. but ifastnet provide more stable internet then infinityfree (just a ad for infinityfree)

How can I report this error ?

@clemrbtjust do it in here like this format:
[your problem] @Admin or open a ticket in your control panel (vpanel)

Well i’m using infinityfree for about 6 months and i was really really satisfied with the free plans. Really fast and absolutely superb uptime (according to others)… So i hope the error will be resolved soon.


when he gets online. hopefully he would be able to tell you a more technical answer then i do

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I was able to solve the issue by setting the nameservers to ns4.byet org and ns4.byet org .

In the CPANEL ?

Yes. Just login to your domain registrar and enter the two addresses in the domain name fields

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but i can take up to 72 hours to change nameservers ?

It depends… i changed it and it worked immediately.

There is currently an ongoing issue with the free hosting nameservers. Please see the official announcement for more information:


Thanks for the information :slight_smile: