Free hosting nameservers unreachable in some parts of the world

Since yesterday evening (UTC), the free hosting nameservers, Login to My Own Free Host and have been unreachable in some parts of the world. As far as we can tell, only some endpoints in Europe are unreachable. Because of this, websites may be unreachable in Europe, Africa, West Asia and the Middle East. Connectivity from other parts of the world may be better.

If you’re using a custom domain name, you can change your domain’s nameservers to only have and These are the only two nameservers which are still working right now.

We’ve just made this change for our own domains, so connectivity to free subdomains and other features should improve soon.

However, please remember that changing your domain’s nameservers, just like other DNS changes, can take up to 48 hours to take effect. We hope to be able to fix this issue sooner than that.

iFastNet is currently in touch with the network operator for the nameservers to get this issue resolved. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

UPDATE: It appears that the nameservers have come back online, at least in Europe, around 14:00 UTC.

UPDATE 2: The nameservers have gone down again around midnight UTC. The same locations in Europe appear to be affected.


They aren’t reachable to me too though neither I’m in Europe nor i use VPN with European proxy.


It’s not an issue with EU, it’s not working here in canada too!

The European POPs were having issues. However, the global routing is not very smart, and there aren’t POPs on all continents. So people in Africa, West Asia or the Middle East may also be affected by this.

Is it still not working for you right now? Because the nameservers were fixed a few hours ago.

I checked your account and see it was created only today. If so, the issue is likely just DNS propagation on your domain name, not an issue with the nameservers. You should see a big orange banner on your account in the client area with more information about this.


WOW! My from Europe!

I am in South East Asia…the unsecured free domain name can be reached but my custom domain name with Sectigo SSL cannot be reached…

I am still facing this issue while accessing my sites,,, etc…
the error is DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN in chrome,
Btw I am from india and getting this error, I have also tried vpn from USA and australia but still getting this error


I’m from serbia and still can’t access my site. is not found.
Any info about this ?

It appears I celebrated too soon. Around 22:30 UTC yesterday evening, the nameservers went down again. It appears to be the same issue and the same regions are affected. I’m going to try to get more information about this.

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same problem, was using ns1/, added more ns servers like and, problem fixed for now, thanks for info

Plase work GMT+2

Epizy Sites are working to me too.

It’s not working in Finland either.

i cant access my site from Bahrain, but can be used from Europe and US

The DNS servers were fixed yesterday and have been running for about 24 hours without issues now. If you still experience any issues accessing just your website, please submit a new topic in the Hosting Support category and describe the issue, because the nameservers seem to be working normally now.

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