My website is not working after SSL install

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Error Message ’s server IP address could not be found

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Other Information simply after getting SSL from infinity free dashboard and install, my website is not loading, even the wordpress dashbaord is not working.

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It’s working fine here:

Try clearing your browser caches.

And visit or use instead of http:// so you can visit your website.


Then login into your wordpress dashboard and install a plugin called Really simple SSL, so visitors or even you will automatically redirect to https instead of http.

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Please comment or tell us if you solved the issue by following our guides, Thanks!!

my issue is resolved my site is working. thanks

Could you also share on us, on how did you managed to resolved it? Very important and Thankful if you share it on us!

as told i cleared the browser caches and my website stared working

i have one more issue, i forgot my username and password for wordpress admin login what can i do

As what my guide said? And if yes, feel free to smash that green mark solution!

Just simply navigate into Softaculous section and into Wordpress Installation.

Click on pencil icon and you will see your admin username and pass there.

yes i am there in softaclous and installation

admin username and password are shown blank here…

If it is blank, simply put any text or username/password that you want and it will automatically change the user and pass, and then login!

thanks again it worked, i went to softaclous and wordpress installation and filled admin password and username, and login again it worked…

Glad to help and Don’t forget to smash that green mark Solution!

one more query, my website is loading little slow, should i use cloudflare, if yes will there be any issues with SSL or my site crashing

you could just use a plugin called Really Simple SSL, since you already have your own Let’s Encrypt certificate.

should i use cloudflare to boost my webiste speed

No, it won’t boost your site, you can use W3 Total cache plugin to boost your wordpress site. This will minify and reduce the size of any html, css, js files and also cachings.