My website is not working after SSL install

thank you, for your help.

really appreciated…

Glad to help and Don’t forget to smash that green mark Solution !

I recommend using cloudflare altogether for your problems instead of installing 2 separate plugins. Cloudflare provides both ssl certificates and caching for free and you don’t need to install any plugins. Some plugins aren’t lightweight and execute a lot of php codes and as a result, websites get banned for 24hrs.
Instead, when using cloudflare, you don’t need any plugins, it’s free and customizable!


Yes, to also remove the ?=1 suffix from the domain url.

But using cloudflare could also lead into wordpress site problem, like cannot upload or update post, cannot install plugins or other http errors.

I have used cloudflare with wordpress and it works perfectly. All you need to do is to follow these instructions:

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