My website is not responding

my website URL is http://www.

every time I try to load the URL, the browser is responding with ’ This site can’t be reached, took too long to respond.’ error. Please assist

No issue


how are you able to access it, yet, till now it is still giving me the same error. see the image below.

Try clearing your dns cache, using a different device, or different network, such as cellular.


I have flush dns in my laptop, but I still have the same problem

I recently had similar issue. This might help cPanel & Wordpress not loading

This doesn’t look like a DNS issue to me. Could you please try a different device and/or network?


Yes, especially since I see that it has this i=1
means that it retrieved the domain without any problems


Can you try clearing the browser cache just in case or use incognito/private mode?

Best to visit your domain normally several times “until it warms up”
and then try logging in as admin


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