cPanel & Wordpress not loading

Everything was fine until last night. Have tried to clear browser cache, refreshed many times but seems not working properly.

Error Message

Logging in to app[.]infinityfree[.]net/ - fine - In this condition Screenshot by Lightshot
My Wordpress admin panel

(please share the FULL error message you see)

Additional info
I just installed wordpress & couple of free plugins. I am building a site & not providing any service. Please help me fix the issue.

Username epiz_32770868

From your username, I would guess your domain is, however, I’d need confirmation. Is that your domain?

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Hi Xaos, yes that’s the domain name. My problem is cpanel not loading anything & WP admin panel broken.

I checked your control panel and it’s working fine from here. Are you using any ad blockers or other browser plugins that may be manipulating the page contents?

Also, could you open the Developer Tools menu and check the Console window for any errors there?


This is what I see when I open your website.

I suggest you do what Admin told you:

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Hello Admin,

Don’t have any browser addon or ad blocker installed. Please check your ads are showing properly on my cPanel & now it loaded

Also, cPanel loaded now & WP dashboard as well. Can edit page.

Unable to upload files. Here are both console data for my cpanel & WP dashboard WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Thank you very much :hugs:

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