My website is keep getting suspended

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My website is keep getting suspended, my website is a simple barbers shop’s website were castuners can make an appointment as well as an admin panel so I can view the info

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Can someone tell my why my account and website is getting suspended I have no check out purchase or any file that primium subscription is required

Check the client area (Login to your account - InfinityFree) for your suspension reason.


''Your account was suspended for abuse. InfinityFree monitors accounts to ensure they do not contain any harmful content, and that they don’t overload the free hosting servers. ‘’

This is the reason but there is no such a thing on my website

Your website might be using too many resources. This might help as well:

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Please submit a ticket and wait for a response.

Additionally, please read the article akshayan has linked.


I have indeed accomplished this , support indeed answers and activated my account and it got deactivated again ( for 3 or 4 times ) and no noone is answering

Have you asked why your website has gotten suspended?

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Yes I have indeed use some source codes but there is no such thing, I have only copied some CSS and one php page.

Do not spam your request on other topics. You have one topic, that is all you need.



I checked the ticket conversation to get a bit more info.

You were told repeatedly that a few files were not allowed on our hosting and had been removed. But it looks like you uploaded the files again immediately after it.

So yeah, of course your account is getting suspended over and over again. If you keep uploading files that you’ve been told many times not to upload, your account will be suspended over and over again.

We’re happy to host your website and keep it active. But please follow staff instructions. If we tell you that files are not allowed, don’t upload them.


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