My website has been flagged by microsoft edge as unsafe

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My website ( has been flagged by microsoft edge as containing phising threats and unsafe.

They highlighted in red. Plesase help

Other Information

The warnings appeared both system with Windows 10 or 11, even with Microsoft Defender Smartscreen turned off.

Is your site unsafe? If so, then everything appears to be working as intended.

Is your site safe? Then please report the issue to Microsoft. If you click the More Information text on that page, there should be a link to report a false positive.

Please remember that Microsoft is blocking access to your website, not us. We can’t take responsibility for the malfunctioning of any security products you choose to use.


Microsoft does appear to have blacklisted entirely:

I’ve reported it as a false positive, and they have an option in the same page where the website owner can contact them as well, but I’m not sure if that would be helpful (or even needed, as I hope they’ll process my report and remove it).

On the bright side, visiting gave me no errors, so it seems like your issue may have been fixed @wiclee.
As @YT_Xaos reports, this may not be the case after all. We’re on the same Edge version, so I’m unsure as to why we have a different experience, but as it has been reported as a false positive, it will hopefully be resolved soon.


I am on Microsoft Edge 120.0.2210.91 and I am getting the error.

I have reported it as a false positive as well.


Do you happen to have a link to that page? I don’t have Edge installed, so I can’t access that page.



rather than chrome-error://chromewebdata/#
collect data via script

and then all the data it collects (telemetry) is forwarded to this URL


Thx. I have reported to Microsoft 4 days ago and is still not resolved. But if MS is blocking the entire, there is nothing much we can do.

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There isn’t much you can do except contacting Microsoft and notifying them about this false alarm.

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