My website has background video.Will there be performance issue in free account

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My website has background video.Will there be performance issue in free account.

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What is the maximum duration of background video I can have.

I am going to be completely honest.
Infinityfree is a free hosting service. But the speed of loading assets is really slow.
I remember setting up my site for first time. And fonts and images wouldn’t even load. On anything. Sometimes they would, sometimes they wont. Problem wasn’t my internet connection.
So I ended up using and for fonts and images. Everything would then work perfectly.
I recommend not hosting the video on Infinityfree. Use a cdn. These guys recommend Clouflare.
And for the duration, duration doesn’t matter. The video should just not exceed 10 mb size.

On my site you can inspect i have hosted nothing but scripts. Images are on cdn. The image folder is no longer used on my site.


Thanks very much ShazamBolt8 .I checked your website.I looks good.So you have used cdn for images.Let me contact Cloudface for the details.


No problemo :wink:
I used imgbb myself. As I like to keep things simple. No cloudflare.
But cloudflare is good too.
Good Luck.

i checked your website.


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I hope you learned quite a lot today. Have a good day.

My opinion
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Have a good day.

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Awww :heart: thanks! I agree with you. T Rex is really a big wave on sea.

Continue. Owl as T-Rex.
human is a ship on the sea. :melting_face:

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