My site shows an error

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My showed an error which said contact on the comunity form but know when i reload my site their is nothing showing except a blank page.

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I can easily access my wordpress admin page but when i load my website it shows a blank page with no error

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Can you do this?

What does it show now?

This may also help


i changed the debug value to true but my webpage still showed blank pages then i went to php my admin to find wp content tables in my wpdatabase but their is not a table with “content” word inside it what should i do

Can you screenshot to show what do you mean by that?


I was able to find them and my site is fixed know but their is a problem i am having when i try to setup woocomerce plugin it shows no response when click on the setup button what should i do

and before i resolved the error woocomerce was working fine on my site

This plugin does not work well on free hosting due to intensive resources required


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