My site just randomly stopped working?

Website URL

  • Cloudflare just gave me this error:

Error 521

Web server is down

I can’t access the file manager either.

Your issue is that there are no nameservers on your domain. Please follow this guide to set up your account correctly.

Hm, wait let me check my name servers because it says they are connected to ns01 and ns02

you are using an integrated version of CF which was recently disabled


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explain that again i dont understand? cloudflare was done on its own was apart of the panel, do i have to fix it in cloudflare?

Than the issue is in @Oxy‘s answer. You shouldn’t use the Cloudflare integration in the control panel, it is known to beak your site. Please disable it, and set up Cloudflare correctly.

Make sure you disable the control panel integration first!

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okay, can you link a forum to set it up correctly?

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just removed it from cloudflare, about to check the site now:


not functioning

these NS do not exist (in red)
only 1 and 2

btw. I still see CNAME for CF


I removed all the CName records though, i’m not sure what’s wrong…

OK it looks much better now

the current problem is : you do not have an IP address assigned
as you can see here

To fix this, simply remove the domain (only domain not files) from your account and then add it again
(so the server syncs and assigns you an IP).

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