My site is down

Hey so my website is down and I can’t get in with the domain I linked. I don’t know why, is anyone having the same issue?

Same issue here, my site has been up for over a year stopped a few hours ago, also getting error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on google chrome.

The weird thing here that the site works on some devices and on another devices it doesn’t!! Like on my iPhone it doesn’t work but On my friends iPhone it does work!!!

Your site works fine for me:

Try clearing your browser’s cache.


No that’s not the website. Try putting “www.” Before searching and you’ll get an error opening the site.

can you post a screen shot of your domain settings

you may be missing an A Record for the www

It’s a free subdomain, so there are not a lot of settings to see.

It seems that something went wrong on our end which caused the DNS records of your domain to not be setup correctly. Please go into the Domains menu in the client area and remove the domain there, then add it again. Note that this will likely link the domain to a different directory on your account, so you may need to move the files of your account to the new location. You can remove and re-add the domain by deleting it from the Addon Domains and adding it back through the Subdomains menu.


Sorry I shouldn’t post early in the morning or late at night when my brain is offline :frowning:

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I deleted then added the domain to my account and now this window opens when I open the site…what to do??

Add content to your website’s folder:

If your previous site was on htdocs, you’ll need to move the existing site to the newly created folder, as mentioned above:


The problem here that I use this domain ( as a domain for my google sites site, so can I get files from there?

I’m not sure how exactly you planned on using this as a domain for Google Sites; if you can get the files from there and upload them here, then I suppose this would work well.

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We don’t support using our free subdomains with external hosting providers. I don’t know what exploit you performed to do so anyways, but it’s up to you to repeat it if you want to restore that behavior.

Come to think of it, the reason your website might be “broken” is because this exploit was fixed to begin with.

If you want to host your website with Google Sites, please consider using a URL provided by Google or using a domain name that provides full DNS controls.


Bruh, I’m a 17 yo boy who barely knows any thing in coding and website hosting world, how may I use an “exploit”?
I didn’t know that using your domain in google sites is not acceptable anyway

You somehow managed to use such subdomain on Google sites and it is not an exploit according to you? Goodluck hiding behind your age as that doesn’t mean you cannot abuse something for your own use :v:


Please calm down.

By “exploit”, we refer to the bug in the hosting system that allowed you to use www as a CNAME record in the first place. Unknowingly, you “exploited” that bug to point your sites to Google Sites, something which shouldn’t have happened, and was the reason your site wasn’t displaying properly.

In any case, now that this has been fixed, you can create a website using the free subdomain you have from us here, or you can use a different service to get a free subdomain and use it with Google Sites. It’s up to you what you will do, but using a free subdomain provided by InfinityFree with Google Sites is not possible.


Actually, it seems like something else has been broken:

Still, I strongly recommend against trying to use our free subdomains on Google Sites. We do not allow it to be used, and while it’s possible that the bug that allows this hasn’t actually been fixed, we cannot guarantee that it won’t be fixed in the future and break your site without warning.


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