My site is down. Is it normal at InfinityFree?

My site is down for a few hours. It’s showing this in Chrome:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

Not opening in Mozilla Firefox also.

I am a new user at InfinityFree since 7th March.
Is this problem/issue normal here and happens regularly?
The answer will help me in deciding whether to move to another hosting company or not.

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It seems no one cares for the service here even if problem is from Hosting company side. Even if it is free service, Company people should have got the server and my website back.
It’s already more than 1 day.

There is no problem from my side. Neither I did anything wrong nor Nameservers pointing issue. I have used minimum server source since I started using it.

*This means I should opt out of any service from InfinityFree including Premium service. Because uptime and service both are very bad. :disappointed:

The server IP which is the server your site is on is currently under a DDoS attack. the IFastnet team is currently working on getting this issue resolved. It should take no longer than 3 days for this attack to be intercepted and shutdown.


Ok…I am not technical guy. So didn’t know about this. I didn’t find any such announcement/information or reply from company side. So I wrote my earlier comment.

I use this site for my Internship. I need to write Articles as assignment.
I already lost Qualifying Marks and INR 1000 both for 1 such Assignment because he (the person who gives assignment ) was not able to open the link of article which I provided. While he checked all other Interns assignment.

Hope it is resolved as soon as possible and before my next assignment end date. I need to write all articles on same Domain/website otherwise I would have gone for different site for this particular article.

The best thing I can tell you is try making another account and see if that one is showing for hosting on a different IP Address.


For that first, I need to remove my existing account.
Then add a new account with the same Domain name.
Then transfer all webpages and Databases to the new account?

Is this the right process?
It will be tough for me as I have never transferred the whole website in past.

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I would be unsure of this but I am sure @Admin might be able to help you get setup under a different account.

That’s the gist of the process yes. Delete the domain from the old account, create a new account with the domain, and then move the contents over.

Whether that’s worth the effort and the risk is a consideration only you can make.


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