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Hello. I just got my account and domain name. I shared my website via FTP, but now when I try to open my site I get 404 error. what’s the reason. Website:

Hi there.
Please Do not post on the first topic you see. And create your own topic for your problem.
About your site it works fine to me, please take look at this article :


Ha. I’m understand.Thank you.If I can’t see my site after a long time, I will rewrite it.

Can you send us link to your webpage?

For me your webpage shows infinytyfree default page not 404. Try to delete cokies or open it in anonymous window

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yes now it shows me endless free page. I did what he said but still shows this page. but I am waiting for the server settings for 48 hours and will be 72 hours tomorrow and will look again.

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