My site has been suspended

Website URL

Error Message

I keep getting redirected to

Other Information

I am not very sure about why I have been suspended even after reading the article about reasons why the site can be directed to I did not try to change site or hosting so I’m confused. Please help administrator QWQ.


Can you please check the client area for the suspension reason?


There is nothing stated in the client area. Only in the control panel, it shows an error message on top that says
" Account Suspended
Your account is suspended this could be due to reaching limits of your hosting plan or for abuse.
Make a support ticket to find out more

But when I click the button , it just takes me back to the home page of my infinityfree account.

Please raise support ticket from the client area


Ok but where is the option to raise a support ticket :sweat_smile:
At the moment I do not see the option
Sorry :sweat:


Please open it via the client area(

and not the control panel


Followed the link, this is currently my view. I do not see any option that says support.

Click on the account, the link will be at the top.

However, based on the screenshots you shared, it looks like your account is deactivated, not suspended


Is the domain still attached to the de-activated account?
That may explain why

I do not see any link at the top after clicking into the account.
Also sorry for the confusion, I have two sites, the one that is suspended is the one on top, not the deactivated one below.

Can you click on domain and show what is displayed?

After clicking this is my view in the domains page.

Can you click on deactivation history?

What does it show?

This is my view in the deactivation history page.

Ok, I need you to show your CloudFlare dns entry.
Having an incorrect entry can also lead to a suspension page


Is this what you are referring to?

Does these 2 values match?

Yes they do match
But I went to check my GoDaddy account. For some reason, the infinityfree nameservers have disappeared?

Could this be the reason?

Well, you will have to wait for admin

Ok but thank you so much for helping me in the meantime :smile: