My homepage shows the default page by infinityfree part 2

I’m a new user and i have a problem i see many here have with no hope for solution.

I uploaded my website to /htdocs removed the default index.html but still my page does not show up but dafault page. I read the knowledge base, i tried everything nothing changes. I don’t know if it takes like a day for site to activate or something, doesn’t make sense since i did not add a domain.

Does this work, i know for some people it does, but?

This is my url

My “main domain” is

This one shows Special offer and Discount Coupon

Hello there,

Have you already tried clearing your browser cache? You can also use Incognito mode to evade your normal browser cache.

That’s normal. You don’t need to worry about it.


Welcome @CRONix :slightly_smiling_face:

I see the same thing @UnknownLolz posted, the site’s homepage and a large box, it has a continuous spinning icon like something will be loaded, but nothing appears.

For me your homepage seems to work fine, I checked the links under Services, they all come up with their pictures. No problems are seen, your site works.

Tnx for replies. I tried CTRL+F5 before and now also incognito, still same, must be the DNS catching up since i am from Europe, i’ll check tommorow.

Also strange that slider does not work, pictures are uploaded and it works fine on original site

It’s using old version of nivoSlider, i guess some backward incompability.

You can also try flushing your DNS cache.
If you’re using Windows, execute this command in the Windows Terminal:

ipconfig /flushdns

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I know the command, same. It should be ok by tommorow.

Works now, so it was DNS, but still no slider, i reuploaded it all, same.
Strange cause slider files are there
Some kind of jQuery backward incompability.

The slider on the top right is very slidey to me. Can you please try clearing your browser cache too?

Tested on Firefox 82 by the way. It might not work on other browsers, which could indeed be a compatibility issue. The jQuery version being used does seem quite ancient.


I now uploaded different even older site and it’s slider works.

Now it works for another page using the same slider. All good.

Let me ask you is it true what they say on youtube that you have horrible down time, that is, putting sites into suspension like days at the time for no valid reason and that possible cause is using WordPress or any server interface for 5 or more hours a day?

Good Morning Everyone
Pls Admin, my website is having issues
It has been like that for 3days now
It keeps showing the links instead of my webpage.
Pls what can I do about it

I’ve tried reading through the previous discussions, but nothing seems to be working

My web URL is

Did you spend more than 5 hours daily editing your page in cPanel / WP?

I would say that’s a largely incorrect statement. That sounds like the statement of someone who either didn’t understand what was going on, or just had bad luck. In any case, they are angry, they blame us, so they start badmouthing us wherever they can.

We do suffer from occasional downtime, but the downtime usually only affects a small fraction of all accounts. Overall, most websites are up and running quite well most of the time.

Suspensions are also something that happens. To keep the service free, we need to put a lot of websites on each server, and that means we need to implement restrictions to prevent a few big websites from overloading the server and causing a bad experience for everyone else. So we keep track of a few different metrics. And if you use too much of those metrics, your account will be put on hold for a day.

Most people never hit these limits, so the statement that just using WordPress causes these suspensions is just not true. And “how many hours is the website used” is not something we track.

What makes it complicated is that these metrics are quite abstract. It doesn’t have enough detail to say “plugin X caused high CPU usage” or “page Y generated high EP usage”. This makes many people conclude that since we cannot specify what the issue is with their website, that the issue can’t be with their website at all. Hence we are suspending their sites “for no valid reason”.

And when you hit the limits on day 1 and don’t do anything to prevent that from happening again, then you’ll likely hit the limits again on day 2. This causes the misunderstand that accounts are suspended “days at a time”.

We do our best to fine tune the limits to make sure that normal websites can be hosted here without any problems, and that they won’t be bothered by more stressful websites on the same server.


I was referring to this guy.

His site seems non CPU or anything demanding but i don’t know the causes. Hopefully, he is an exception.

Also you can see in comments his site later was opening fast, but he still moved to another hosting.