My domain is constantly going under

My site is constantly going down when i try open it on the phone. 90% of the time it gives an error to open.

Help me please!


Are you sure your nameservers are set correctly? 283 IN A

Pls make sure they are and


Yes they are “” and “

What exactly is the error? If you just say “it gives me an error”, it could be so very many things. It could be a bad .htaccess configuration, a PHP error, a wrong DNS configuration, a suspension, a firewall or proxy blocking it and many other reasons.

Let’s try to narrow it down.

What’s the error that shows? (Hint, if you open devtools it might show you an error like “Failed to load resource, the server responded with a status of 500()”).

Do some research; what does that error mean?

If you try to narrow down the main cause of the problem then we have a better chance of helping you successfully.


Which error?

Like the topic template says: please provide the FULL error message.


The site is now “normal”.

But the mistake was simply that Chrome / Smartphone / Firefox said they can’t load / open the page.

But now it’s normal, but the problem is that sometimes the site opens and sometimes it doesn’t.

Can someone help me and know why?

Now my site is down again!

The site doesnt open.


Help me please

The IP address your website is hosted on,, appears to be down right now. This may be done in some cases, for example if an IP address is the target of a DDoS attack.

iFastNet is likely aware of this and is already monitoring the situation so they can bring back the IP address when it’s safe.


but this is constantly happening, it is more time that I have the site down than active.

what can i do to make it not happen?

Help me please

Like admin said, if it’s taken down by iFastNet then it’s probably due to a DDoS attack or something else like maintenance. If that’s the case, then you will just have to wait patiently.

Sorry for the slight bump, but the IP address was down for only a little more than an hour.

Any previous downtime may have been caused by DNS configuration issues on your domain name judging by the replies from @KangJL and @Thewebuser22. And that’s not something we have control over.

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Supposedly due to attacks.

How can I protect the site so that it doesn’t go down?

Help me please!
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You can try ading it to uptime robot or something to check if its down or not. If it is geting ddosed then the entire ifastnet server is down and you canot do anything about it.


it loads normally

You can use cloudflare if you have a sub domain read this Subdomains with cloudflare if you have an addon domain rename your name servers to cloud flare and enable under attack mode

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i checked again, it is suspended

Why my was suspended?

How i can combat this hackers? :frowning:

check client area :slight_smile:

They said " Your account was suspended because you hit the Hits Limits"

But i dont do anything… I read on internet

I read on the internet that these things are done by hacker bots, how can I fight / protect my website from this?

Which limit