My CNAME is not working

Website URL :

Error Message

We were unable to verify your CNAME entry. Please check for errors on your side and try again after 5-10 minutes.

Also while trying to use Free SSL of InfinityFree, SSL is not generated.

when checking the CNAME records is propogated or not , it is not progogated

Other Information

Kindly install SSL certificate in my website

If you’re having trouble using ZeroSSL, please check it with ZeroSSL. If there is a problem on our end, we can fix it, but we need a bit more than “check for errors on your side” to know what to do.

I just checked and see your GoGetSSL certificate has already been issued. I don’t know exactly when it was activated, but looking at the logs it took around an hour.

Please note that DNS propagation can take some time to take effect, and with GoGetSSL specifically it can take some time for them to recheck your domain.

The certificate is ready for you to install it, simply click the button in the client area to install it if you haven’t already.


in the file manager the permission for files does get updated . why ?

i was trying to changed to 755 from 444 but it didnot happen.

also, i am trying to upload a zip file but i am unable to do that. it is not getting uploaded only

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You cannot change the CHMOD if you have no permission to change/write into a file, 444 is read only.

How big is the zip file? You cannot upload files bigger than 10MB.


it is approximately of 22mb…

it is important. how can i upload please tell

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You need to extract it on your computer, then upload the extracted files using an FTP client inside of the htdocs folder.


which FTP client

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Filezilla is good one.


You can use any of them - but don’t use the Online File Manager, as it tends to struggle when uploading too many files and especially can’t extract files efficiently! FileZilla is a good one, but you can also try WinSCP, Cyberduck and the like.


filezilla client or server

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FileZilla Client.


sir i am trying to install adlinkfly script but i am unable to do that

please help. i uploaded the extracted zip content in .htdocs folder but now site not accessable.

Now it gives a HTTP ERROR 500:

Oh, and if you want to host an URL shortener service, please make sure you don’t allow things that might violate our Terms of Service. You might also be better off if you restrict it so that only trusted people (or you) can use it only for safe URLs, and not direct people to malware, phishing, spam sites and the like.


see. this shortner is only for my use. i am only going to use it. i am unable to install the script. please help me or install me in my site

Well, I linked you an article you can follow so you can enable Display Errors on your website so we can understand what is the error. Please read it.

i am not a teachnical type man. i dont understand it.

From the article:

  1. Login to your control panel.
  2. Go to Alter PHP Config.
  3. Select the domain name you are trying to debug and click Alter PHP Directives.
  4. Set “Display Errors” to “On” and click the Alter PHP Directives to save.

This is to show the actual error instead of hiding behind 500.


OK, here is the simplified version of it. To enable Display Errors on your website, you have to:

  1. Login to your Client Area.
  2. Go to the hosting account where your subdomain is.
  3. Enter the Control Panel.

Like so you logged into the Control Panel, and first step done. Then:

  1. Scroll down and click on “Alter PHP Config”.
  2. Click on “Alter PHP Directives” next to your subdomain.
  3. Set “Display Errors” to “On” and click on “Alter PHP Directives” to save it.


Oh, now the error is on the .htaccess side (the 500 is not generated by the browser anymore but by the server itself). Check the .htaccess file and correct any errors if necessary.