My cloudflare is not working

I am add a SSl certificate by infinityfree ( Lets encrypt ) . Then I am revork zero ssl and add cloudflare ssl but it is not working .

I will remove this ( lets encrypt ssl ) but it is not remove and add cloudflare

Please Help Me To FixThis Problem

No info = no help

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please Help

my site -

Follow this guide

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How are you trying to setup SSL? Do you only want Cloudflare, or do you also want a certificate here (It is more secure if you have it in both places).

I want to add my site to auto https:// Without redirecting Like Cloudflare

I was install normal ( zero ssl ) not a cloudflare

Please Help Me to Fix This Problem

Please stop multiple posting!!

Write clearly and provide more info


can i add my site to auto https without redirecting

If you type in https there will be no redirect

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okay It seemed to me that you did not know the answer to this

Thanks For Help!!

Do not reply again

You must learn to ask correct question.

If user type in https, there will be no redirect
If http was typed, redirect will of course take place. (HTTPS enforcement)

This is assuming SSL was installed in the first place.

You may read below for more info


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