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I was using infinity free hosting but planning to upgrade it to premium hosting, however I don’t know how infinity decided to delete my account without informin me or give any reason to delete my account. I need my account back please help

Unfortunately, if your account is in the deleted accounts section and has been deleted, it cannot be recovered as stated there:

Account deletions are permanent and deleted accounts cannot be recovered in any way.

You may want to read this topic on ensuring it is deleted (and not suspended, for example) and create a new account if you still want to host your domain on InfinityFree.


Note that email notifications are always sent out, and it takes around 60 days before an account is fully deleted. Additionally, your website would have stopped working before the actual deletion.

So there was plenty of warning.


There was no notification and my website was working propery, what should I do to reactivate my account?

If it appears in the deleted section in the client area, it is deleted, there is nothing you can do to recover it.

Create a new account, re-connect the domain, and load your site from backups.


I checked your account and I see it was suspended on the 16th of November due to abuse. When that suspension happened, we sent you an email that your account was suspended and that it would be deleted if you didn’t do anything.

So the account was indeed deleted on the 6th of December.

Now you know why we deleted your account and when you were informed about this. Unfortunately, as everyone else has said as well: deleted really means deleted, so if you wanted it back, you should have taken action a month ago.


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