My account has been suspended


"Your InfinityFree account epiz_26944675 (Website for has been temporarily suspended .

Your account exceeded the daily limits of your service. InfinityFree monitors the CPU, memory and hits usage (among others) of your account and temporarily deactivates your website if the limit is hit.

Your account will be reactivated automatically after 24 hours. For more information about why your account is suspended, check the client area."infinity free e-mail

So this means that I opened or made changes to my website and reached the daily limit, but if I send DoS with 300 packets, is the site suspended? Is that because of what I realized to have more broadband, I have to pay for a premium account and for the site to have been suspended, it must have run many scripts and loaded the php site, if that is so if someone wants to send the site below is easy … can someone explain why this happens so easily even though it is a free host site?

It happens easily because…

And why are you DoS/DDoSing your website? That will get it taken down.

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Why would you?

no, you don’t understand, i said if someone wants to send my website down is very easy, i’m not saying that i sent it, but if you want to send it or someone is very easy and it will be removed … why?


Because if someones website is constantly being attacked, the other websites on the server suffer, and the only option is to nolonger host with us. Because you can’t have your website effecting everyone elses.

again i didn’t say that i said if someone attacked in a minute the site was down … and that doesn’t make sense, infinityfree’s servers could be a bit better even if it’s free, but i haven’t tried sending DoS / DDoS to my site, but only with me entering and making changes to the site is already suspended means that when sending DDoS the site is suspended in seconds …

So you are ready to pay money to make the servers most secure? Are you?

You cannot expect a enterprise level protection for your website in free hosting!

If you read the article I sent… You might find out why you where suspended?

Because the basic foundation of the internet is built on trust. The protocols assume that all devices play by the rules and treat other devices with respect. DDoS attacks abuse that to cause harm.

DDoS attacks and other traffic floods take server power to handle. And it’s generally very hard to distinguish desired traffic from bad traffic. So our servers just record all traffic coming from your account and take action if your sites is generating too much traffic.

It really sucks if your website gets taken down because of a DDoS attack. But this can happen to you, no matter if you have a tiny web hosting account, multiple datacenters all to yourself, or anything in between. If an attack rolls in and overloads the available server power, your site will go down.


My account all website got suspended dont know why?

please create a new topic.

What does the client area say the reason is?

And if you need more help, please create a new topic instead of hijacking a random topic from someone else who also had their account suspended for probably a different reason.


my account has been suspended too i don´t know why,u say that i use the bandwith limit for a free plan but i don´t do anything like,i have two sites in a same account AND I JUST WANT TO DELETE THE ACCOUNT OR A DOMAIN BUT I HAVE TO WAIT 60 DAYS mandatory and this is stupid !!! This is against the rules of the rights of the internet user (more specifically Google) and I cannot delete my account when I want to and this is ridiculous, I I wanted to change to a similar hosting but it is better and uses ifastnet anyway but it is better than you because it offers more things and it is free !!! PLEASE LET ME USE IT WHEN I WANT IT SERVICE!!

How does Googles policys entail with InfinityFree?

I believe he is is referring to the transfer of domain from one registrar to another registrar.
If I remember correctly there is a 60 days waiting period.

To host him,yes

A domain name can be removed instantly from an active account.

Right now, your account is suspended, which means you cannot remove the domain from your account.

Specifically, it’s suspended because it got too much traffic. This is also why we cannot let you remove the account or the domain name, because that would allow you to bring the website up right away on another account, which is the number one thing we definitely do not want you to do.

We cannot let you use our hosting and our subdomains when you want to if that involves overloading our servers. Which in your case, it does.


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