My account get suspended 24 hours after 24 hours directly!

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

my account get suspended 24 hours after 24 hours directly!!!
and it’s alsmot 5 times in the last 7 days!!!
it killed my ranking in google and people was reporting the link as broken because it give redirection to suspended domain, after i was ranking number one in some posts now all my hard work is gone, at least you give a notification some time before my account get suspended so i could upgrade my account without loosing my ranking and hard work, it’s a turn off and now i’m pissed,
also it would be great if you put it clear in the home page that your website is going to get suspended and the limits and everything clear, thanks for your service

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I will recommended you to use a paid hosting, if you gain more visitors from the web.
Why ?
Because infinityfree is just a free shared hosting provider with much limitations.
So if you gain more traffic or run a heavy wordpress website then your website will usage the much resources of cpu.
Migrate to a paid hosting provider is great.

Same problem => Account CPU Problem

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