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My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

Hello. Since the beginning of March 2019, the account (epiz_23046502) has a large CPU without making any changes to the website. On April 5, the account was suspended again, and at 12 AM was reactivated. At 8 PM before being activated, I received a message saying that the account already used more than 50 ℅ of the CPU of that day, and then a few minutes after activation, be suspended again. @Admin can you tell me if there is any bug, because before March 5, with the same website I had a very small CPU. Precisely I have one website in my account.

I’m using this software:


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First of all,Wp is a cms not a software.
2nd, it’s shared hosting, if you gain high traffic then , your account will just suspended.

My account (epiz_23046502) consumes the CPU even if it is suspended. An hour after it is activated it is suspended again. Keep in mind that the website is a simple one with no more than 10 daily users. I’m desperate because for a week, my website is still suspended. You can find more about my problem here: Account CPU Problem - #2 by Rdserver1

Please note that CPU usage doesn’t say anything about users. You can easily blow through the CPU limits all on your own if you run some extremely complex and slow scripts.

So, to my knowledge, there is no bug or issue with the CPU usage calculations.

Also, if an answer to one topic is not to your satisfaction, please just bump the existing topic rather than create a new one. It doesn’t help anybody if you spread relevant information over multiple topics.

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