Mx records not working

Hi, Alex, that solution not working for me, how to point CloudFlare to infinityfree not to byethost? I guess infinityfree and Byethost using the same network solution form the iFastnet. I’ve setup A records on the CloudFlare pannel pointing to IP from infinityfree account and also added to recors NS pointiong to epizy DNS, but i getting Byethost answer from my custom domain. Whats i am doing wrong? And what i’ve to do?
Everything working fine if my registar DNS pointing to the epizy first, excluding the mail which MX records not working on the epizy, only on the CloudFlare. So, it’s looks like a closed circle.
May be anyone have a solution to add any DNS records to CloudFlre for epizy reconize my A record pointing to correct custom domain hosted by infinityfree?