MX Records can not be altered on subdomains

In the MX Records section in your control panel, you will see an MX record for your main domain, which is typically a random eight character subdomain of This domain name will have an MX record pointing to If you try to delete this MX record, you will see the following error:

Error #459346986 Please contact support MX Records can not be altered on subdomains

When your account is created, a “main domain” is automatically generated for it. These main domains are a subdomain of eight random characters, followed by an InfinityFree domain. An example main domain looks like “”. These main domains are just internal identifiers, they do not show any website, cannot be used to receive email and do not affect any other domains on your account.

You can safely ignore the MX record for the main domain. In the MX record list, pay close attention to the Domain column in the table. For example, if you are trying to configure MX records for, only the rows with “” in the Domain column apply to that domain.

MX Record List

How does this error affect receiving email

The MX records in the list only affect the domain name for which they have been created. So if you see an MX record for your main domain, it will only affect email sending for your main domain.

If you have MX records for other domains on your account, they will only have the MX records listed in the table for that specific domain name. In the screenshot above, the domain name only has MX records for The MX record is only for the domain name, and is not applied to

In short, the MX record on the main domain does not affect receiving email on any other domain.

How does this error affect sending email

Sending email is not affected by any MX records.

MX records determine which mail server handles incoming email for a domain name. They do not affect who or what can send email on behalf of your domain.

If you’re having trouble sending email, the only relevant MX records are those of the domain name you’re trying to send email to. Sending email from your own domain to another domain is in no way affected by the MX records of your own domain, or any other domain name on your account.