Moving Website Using FTP

Why was this topic split?? People that have been affected by this will be moving a lot of files via FTP on your server, my comments regarding FTP should not have been buried on another thread, a bit sneaky if you ask me…


Because moving files via FTP and domain registry being migrated are different topics. You can migrate files due to any other reason than this one plus it is going to be confusing for people who search this forum in order to find answers for their problems.


Sorry, i just don’t agree with your opinion on this… One causes the other… I wouldn’t have had to move my files if the domain wasn’t taken from me… The two issues are dependent on each other…

I do wish that other users wouldn’t get involved, my questions are only for Admin…

You are asking a question on a public forum which means other users will reply to you, you can contact Admin directly via email if you don’t wish for it to happen.


Why am I seeing this link whenever I open my new sub - domain as opposed to my own blank page… I am waiting to get started, but for the last 16 hours or so all I see is this…



Can’t people just scroll by without getting involved in something here??

And I don’t agree with you.

First of all, you can have multiple problems. Having multiple problems on a same guy didn’t mean that it is OK to have all of them in a single topic.

Secondly, we split this post for a reason. It is a common issue so spliting could keep everything more organized, more effective, make others see same problems quicker, and get the problem solved much faster.

Please see

And you should really start a new topic regarding this issue instead of hijacking other topics.

To be honest, that’s selfish. Sorry if I had been rude.


They are connected, the problem I am having with new sub - domains are a direct result of this?? If this never happened I wouldn’t have had to do it… One is a direct result of the other… I have seen that, and have creates sites here before on here, and it usually takes less than two hours… All of these problems are a direct result of this happening and are in no way seperate issues…

Then at least stick in your own topic:

Thank you for your cooperation!


Take note this is a community forum.
If you do want external interruption, then do not post publicly


If there was actual customer service here I wouldn’t have to.

I would much prefer actual customer service, but it doesn’t seem to exist here, so I really have no alternative do I, unfortunately…

Like I said, I can’t see why people just can’t keep scrolling without trying to run their post count up on my threads, especially with replies that offer nothing,

Can I really?? I never even knew that was a thing, I was looking for some sort of ticket system, but couldn’t find anything… As soon as he confirms this I will move in that direction as the last thing I want is help from people at the same level as me…

Thanks for this, i can’t believe I missed it…


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All done down boys and girls…



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