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Parent directory (/home/vol10_1/ is not writeable. Data directory (/home/vol10_1/ cannot be created by the installer.

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Dear all. I hope you are very well. I tried to install moodle and show this error. Can you help me? I upload from fillezille moodle files and execute:

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Apologies for the late reply

Scripts can only write to the htdocs directories they are in. Any directories outside the htdocs dir cannot be written - due to the open_basedir restriction.

The reason why this is happening to you is:

Moodle requires a directory to store data that should not be web-accessible. However, for security reasons, software on free hosting is blocked from accessing anything outside its own website folder. So Moodle cannot work with the way security is enforced on free hosting.

as you see… in your path - there is no htdocs folder

The solution is creating the directory manually (inside of htdocs) and then updating config.php
$CFG->dataroot = '[pathwaytothemoodledatafolder]/moodledata';

something like that :smile:
I haven’t tested and I don’t know if there will be another problem

a topic that might be useful


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