Monsta FTP 077

Username epiz_33485768 | Website URL

I Accidentally set the folder i made to 077 while i was trying to change it to 777.
How can i fix this?

Error Message

CHMOD -----------------------------------------------------------

Are you able to set the owner permission again?
If not, try setting it via FTP.
If still fails, you should contact iFastNet.

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Okay I’ll try this :grin:.

It didn’t work i got this error when i used the ftp :

Command: CWD /htdocs/inc/plugins
Response: 250 OK. Current directory is /htdocs/inc/plugins
Command: PWD
Response: 257 /htdocs/inc/plugins is your current location
Command: DELE temp
Response: 550 Could not delete temp: Invalid argument
Status: Retrieving directory listing of /htdocs/inc/plugins.
: Still thank you for your suggestion.

There is nothing we can do

You may want to create another hosting account.
Remember to de-activate the current problematic account


Okay i will search this forum on how to de-activate the account. Thank you :grin:

This may help


I successfully deactivated the account.

Thank you @KangJL !.


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