.ml domains suspended changing to new domain


As freenom domains have been suspended and i’m using a .ml domain i would like to change my domain and sub-domains after adding my domain in cpanel how to change all domain data and doc with in htdocs of that particular domain or sub domain. how to use those files folders without transferring or moving those data, easy way
Even some installations from softaculous installer in some domains how to change them use them.

You could have the framework reinstalled, then manually change the config to make it point to your old databases.
Then you’ll need to change your site url if neccesary. For this please search the web for more info as I couldn’t tell which framework you are using.
You might still need to move the images, unfortunately.

But if you want to using totally the old data then please continue reading:
You can also try using the “Parked Domains” instead of using “Addon Domains”, but I don’t guarantee it will work.


I think this is not possible.

This is the preferred way


If you have a new custom domain, you can add it as a Parked Domain to your .ml domain. That will link it to your existing htdocs folder, so you won’t need to move any files. You don’t have this option with subdomains.

You’ll still need to update your website configuration with the new URL, and database contents don’t need to ever be migrated as long as you keep using the same account.


to be clear i have tech4file.ml and sub domains app.tech4file.ml , project.tech4file.ml and few others. each domain have some files and installations in sub domains. if i park a custom domain and park it in cpanel will it direct my files and folders in particular domain and sub domains hddocs folders can you help me clear. and if i want to use our hosting subdomains [infinityfree offering subdomains] how it will work with these domains. can you provide two solutions.

That’s not possible I’m afraid. You could buy, for example tech4file.com, and park that on top of tech4file.ml so they are linked to the same directory.

Any subdomains of tech4file.com will have to be added manually as subdomains. Those subdomains will then get their own directories, and you’ll need to move the files from the tech4file.ml subdomains yourself. That’s the first option.

If you want a second option: you could upgrade to premium hosting first, and then do the migration to your new domain (you could include the new domain with the hosting plan if you want). Premium hosting lets you link any (sub)domain to any directory on your account, so you can link the .com subdomains to the folder of the .ml domains.


this looks so complex so finally i should move all files to new folders. and can you confirm me all the files will not be removed right

There *might* be a workaround, is that you add all of the subdomains of tech4file.com as parked domains first, and at last add the main domain (without subdomain).


Absolutely. We won’t remove any files (unless you let the account get deleted, of course).

Removing a domain from your account does not remove the related directory, so there is no risk to accidentally delete files that way.


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I have created a freeDNS domain and added NS record and it is pointing to ns1.epizy.com, I have .ml domain and i want to change tech4file.ml to new subdomain without copying pasting folders and files, should work on existing old .ml domain folders paths to new subdomain.

Copying the files is slow. Moving the files is nearly instant (but more dangerous). Unfortunately, you cannot use subdomains as parked domains, so there is no way to just link the subdomains on the new domain to the subdomains on the old domain.


this was a FreeDNS domain and i have parked on a domain and i want to create an another subdomain example app.tech4file.my.to and i want to park on app.domain.ml (which it was there previously and has few files) and i want to park this domain on it. if i create subdomain app.tech4file.my.to it will create a directory path on volume. will it can be park on another domain

It’s not possible to park subdomains (that I know of). You can only setup domain parking on new custom domains.


I have 4 subdomains earlier on tech4file.ml right now i have parked a domain on it but i want to use those subdomains also how can i do that any possible way. since we can’t park different domains on each subdomain and also i can’t park a subdomain on it and can’t move or copy files from it to another available domain since it increasing the inode usage previously i have faced it so removed few files which cut down to 83%(present inode %) so i can’t risk on moving or extra copying of files from there to another also i want few of them separately. SO is there any possible way to use those suspended subdomains.

The answer was already provided here some time ago


Moving files doesn’t increase your inode usage. Changing a file from one location to another doesn’t affect the number of files in your account. Copying the files does increase inode usage.

In your case, given that you don’t actually care about the *.tech4file.ml domains working (the domain is gone, after all), I would suggest doing the following:

  1. Add the subdomain app.tech4file.my.to to your account as a new subdomain.
  2. Delete the subdomain directory app.tech4file.my.to directory from your account.
  3. Rename the app.tech4file.ml directory to app.tech4file.my.to.

That’s all there is to it. The website files from app.tech4file.ml files are now located in app.tech4file.my.to/htdocs, where they will be used on app.tech4file.my.to. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s completely safe.