Meshing my InfinityFree Free Website Account with Google

I wish for my website, hosted from my own domain via an InfinityFree free 5 GB account, to go through the Google Console process of getting links, crawled and included in Google Search.

I have learned from my domain name company that the TXT record that the Google Console gives me should be put in with my InfinityFree account. But I can’t find anywhere inside the CPanel instance that InfinityFree includes in my free account to add the google TXT record. Where do I go to add a Google console TXT record, or do you people in fact need to do that for me?

What is the case here, and can I just submit my Google TXT record data here? Is there an InfinityFree free live chat help from your websites that I could use, and if so, where is it?

Use the SPF function in vPanel.

Here’s also a few more notes about your posts:

  1. Please stop using bolded text throughout most of your post. It equates to using capital letters, which (at least for me personally) makes me feel like you are screaming at us.
  2. “or do you people in fact need to do that for me?” If you can do it in the control panel, so can we. There’s no extra features in the control panel for administrators. That means that if Admin logs into your vPanel, he can do the same things that you could do if you logged into vPanel.
  3. I think we have told you before that there is no live chat and there never will be. Please stop asking for one, unless you want to pay for the staff to manage it, which is quite expensive.

Even though I have been a little nitpicky with this, I still want to say thank you for asking in detail your questions that you have, and for using InfinityFree. Feel free to reply if you have a follow-up question.


Hmm…it may work, it may not. I am not sure.
Since you have a custom domain, using CloudFlare is the best way to go.
You can follow the guide below


Use the SPF function in vPanel.

-I have found the SPF Records button, under the ‘Email’ heading, but I don’t understand how to use it or to type within it to add a Google TXT record. Do I just enter the Google string inside ‘SPFRecord’, and click add? There seems to be no option to specify the type of DNS record, such as ‘A’, ‘TXT’, etc. Do I just proceed as I am guessing? I have done so, proceeded with Google anyway, and am getting:

Ownership verification failed

Verification method:
Domain name provider

Failure reason:
We couldn’t find your verification token in your domain’s TXT records. Sometimes DNS changes can take a while to appear. Please wait a few hours, then reopen your property in Search Console. If verification fails again, try adding a different DNS TXT record.

Please fix your implementation and reverify, or use another verification method

-Have I put the TXT DNS record in the right place, and in the right way? Should I just wait and see?


This is because SPF records are TXT records.

Yes, if you actually did what you told us you did, and you selected the correct domain in the SPF Records tool.

YES! Patience is key. It may take up to 72 hours.


Looking good to me


unless you provided the wrong string

Using CloudFlare normally is much faster


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