at cloudflare's NS/cache can't get ssl or -> to free to work?

Hi, I have the site " (here after merimade-freecluster-eu) set up and for it I have bought the name “” (here after merimade-fi) .

I want to have “merimade-fi” at cloudflare’s nameservers to be able to use their cache and good and easy to use DNS UI.

Directing “merimade-fi” to my InfinityFree account’s IP with an A-record at cloudflare’s DNS does not work, ( Neither with a CNAME-record to “merimade-freecluster-eu”) even if I have issued an LetsEncrypt Certificate for “merimade-fi” at this server AND have tried with an self signed Certificate for “” It works for that address thou.
Obviously I need some record on InfinityFree’s dns or an Alias at the servers config to point at least “merimade-fi” to “merimade-freecluster-eu”.

I have looked for such a way to create an association/direction for my domain “merimade-fi” to my account “merimade-freecluster-eu”, but all ways that I have found seams to demand that I put “merimade-fi” at InfinityFree’s nameservers… and so loose the ability to use cloudflare’s cache.

My wish would be to find a way to associate the name “merimade-fi” with and point it to “merimade-freecluster-eu” locally and then also be able to direct subdomains under “merimade-fi” my self to local folders under /htdocs with an .htaccess or something alike.

How do I do this? Is it even possible or is it just for paid accounts?

Follow this:



Add the new domain as a parked domain on InfinityFree (You need to set epoxy nameserver to do this). Then, follow the guide @wackyblackie posted.


Hi guys and thanks for your answer.
@wackyblackie @ Greenreader9
I shall try to be very clear…
I have tried to follow the post you referred me to but without no success.

Let me explain…

As I can’t add more than one picture and I obviously cant explain good without pictures I attach a png with the explanations… I hope it is ok…

I can’t read your pictures, they’re too small. Never mind, I can read them (magnifiers are a wonder).
Hopefully this helps:

  1. First and foremost, set the nameservers of to and and wait for propagation.
  2. Add as a Parked Domain through vPanel.
  3. Revert the nameservers to the ones Cloudflare assigned you (ivy and kevin).
  4. Install the SSL/TLS certificate found at Login to your account - InfinityFree through vPanel.
  5. Set the SSL/TLS setting at Cloudflare to Full (Strict).

Once following the above steps, everything should be correct.
Let me know if you have any more questions!


Ok thanks @wackyblackie , That was the missing piece I guess, Ill go try… You could add that info to that cloudflare guide because " Revert the nameservers to the ones Cloudflare assigned you (ivy and kevin). " does not come trough good enough…
Thanks again : )
Sorry for the picture… It is actually very big, 900kb, I could only upload 1 so… But if you click at the bottom of it, it open up in the middle of the screen rather than in the pinterest popup and then it get big when using the magnifier+ . Maybe that was what you did… I hope so, else it would have been very small lol.

Also at the parking domains page it is said to add thees name servers…

It is a bit confusing…

If you have any sway around here, you might ad in there, at that page: OR and… I guess one get it, but it is always good that things are clear…

It is a bit the same with the double name of the database server and the fact that I could not find my database in phpmyadmin first round and because of it did reinstall to get access to it.
Now I use adminer.

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