Memory limit & Max Packet Size

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max_allowed_packet = 3 MB is too small. The recommended value is 16M or higher. Too small value could lead to a failure when importing a larger database.

memory_limit = 128M is too small. The recommended value is 256M or higher. Too small value could result in a failure of website restore.

Other Information

I tried editing the wp_config.php file myself to allow for the above requirements but it crashed the site with a HTTP 500 ERROR. I’m trying to migrate my Website but unfortunately I’m having no success please advise if this is possible.

FTP keeps disconnecting whenn I try to upload the files I have to assume it’s due to the same requirements.

Please read this thread

In short, do not use plugin to migrate. Do it manually

Did you use filezilla?


Indeed, I used file zilla. The migration file is 245mb and it keeps disconnecting and failing

Max file size is 10mb.
Extract file locally then upload via ftp.


Please advise on what FTP option will work then the file is a wordpress file. And can’t be extracted

What type of file is it? E.g: .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, etc.

This is the recommended way to migrate your website


If it’s a regular archive, you can just extract it. If you don’t have software installed to extract the specific type of archive, there is free software available which can do it.

If it’s some kind of special format created by a specific backup plugin, that may not work. If so, please go back to the old site and migrate it using the method described both by us and by WordPress. Which all do not involve any plugins.


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