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-If I want to backup all of my local WordPress website project resources to one or more files, from a local WordPress to local file(s), then seamlessly upload and restore those files to reconstruct the website project into WordPress within InfinityFree on the internet, what is the best free WordPress plugin to use, for speed of upload to InfinityFree?

-In terms of not being limited by the restrictions of an InfinityFree account, in terms of file capacity uploading, which is the best free WordPress plugin to use?

-When I Upload files into WordPress running through the internet (say through InfinityFree) using, say, UpDraftPlus, using Select Files, is that internet Upload protected using SFTP, or SSL in any way, by automatic default, or not?

Most likely none. Already mentioned here

Backup plugins tend to exceed hosting limits, causing suspension.
You never give up, do you?


To all your questions: don’t use plugins. Use FTP instead.

FTP supports secure connections and FileZilla will use it by default. It’s pretty much as unrestricted as you can get in terms of upload capacity (respecting the file size limit, storage limit and inode limit, of course). And it’s the recommended way to migrate a website both by us and by WordPress.

So please step out of the idea of trying to solve every problem by piling on more stuff on WordPress. That kind of behavior will cause a lot of issues with bloat, bugs and so on.


I have created backups using two different file archies, so that I can upload my local WordPress backup
archive to an InfinityFree free Internet account. I encounter the following two errors, with no success:

A) free WPvivid Backup

wpvivid_request: error(Loop Detected): an error occurred when trying to establish communication with your server. This error may be request not reaching or server not responding. Please try again later.

B) free WordPress Backup & Migration

The upload completes, and the plugin appears to hang. It responds with:

504 Gateway Time-out

and then crashes.

I don’t have the option to use FTP or SFTP to accomplish an online Infinityfree free account WordPress upload. What is going wrong with these plugins or uploads. I have also implemented all the changes suggested in:

Can you tell me what I can do with if not A), then B), do allow these plugins to successfully upload and restore my website to my free InfinityFree account on the internet? Its email address corresponds to

[email protected]


See below

The answer will always be the same


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