Maybe joining Infinity Free

Im thinking of joining InfinityFree but have some questions.

  1. Can I use my webdesign software on my computer that isnt wordpress and upload my finished website? Does the site allow for technology like slideshows etc?

  2. How do you know the size of your finished website? I see theres a 5Gb limit and Im not sure how big my site is?

  3. I noticed the site says it doesnt sell custom domains but provides free ones. IS there a way to see what options there are for various domains before signing up I want to see if it would work out for me.

  4. I noticed in the small print of the details it mentioned something about Infinity free owning all our content that we have on our website. Am I misreading this?

  5. I did online research and found InfinityFree and Freehosting-dot-com to be some of the top picks. Does anyone have experience using both services?

Thank you!

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Hi and welcome to the forum

  1. Yes - How to build a new website

  2. Right click on the folder where your website is, choose properties and look at file size. Please note Why are my files deleted after uploading them

  3. free subdomains : (older accs only)

  1. please read the conversation How is InfinityFree use of user site content limited by the TOS?

Wow, thank you for all that information!

So from my understanding after looking at that if I have a website builder on my computer it should load the website. I dont have any videos or pdfs in the website just slideshows. I hope those will still work on here?

I looked at my website size and it was less than 1GB. Its just a simple renderings and pictures of the home concepts Ive created.

Im no tech guru and understand theres no Cpanel here but is it a very daunting process to get the website to work for someone who isnt an IT specialist?

I so appreciate all your help! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, that should all be fine. 5 GB is plenty of storage for most websites. Only if you start hosting large files (like downloadable archives or videos) or have a really big image gallery, should you ever need to worry about hitting it.

We do have a control panel and client area you can use to manage your hosting. It’s not cPanel as in “cPanel® developed by cPanel, LLC”, but it fulfills the same purpose.

Using any web hosting account is more difficult than a fully managed website building platform, but it’s nowhere near as complicated as maintaining your own server. We just give you the option to upload your own website. Everything necessary to run it is provided by us.


Thank you for all your help! I decided to sign up and uploaded my website. I dont see anything on there yet but there was a note that it can take up to 72 hours. Cant wait to see how it looks.

Thanks for helping me make the decision to join Infinityfree!

I wanted to know a little more about infiintyfree as I was telling friends and family about it. I tried looking on the website but found no answers.

Is Infinity free run by a corporation or by an individual who is trying to give back to the community by offering free websites?

I couldnt find any “about” info about when it was started or why. Just common questions Ive been getting from people when I tell them about it.


I think it’s run by an individual — all of this thing started from some hobby project from college.
It’s currently running on the MyOwnFreeHost (MOFH) infrastructure provided by iFastNet.

In fact there’re a lot of InfinityFree abouts & histories you can find here at this forum.


That’s the gist of it. InfinityFree is just me right now, but the actual bits that matter for keeping your website online are maintained by a bigger company.


Thank you for that information!

Great! Well nice to meet you and thank you for your nice website opportunities you offer to people! We appreciate it!

If someone chooses to have a custom domain and they buy it somewhere else and bring it here, is that a complex process or are there fees with that when bringing it over?

Just follow one of the instructions



Thank you for all this information. I think Im going to stick with one of the infinityfree domains for now. Since 2007 I had a .com domain but its often more trouble than its worth. I just wondered should I change my mind.

Thanks again for all your help I appreciate it! :blush:

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