MalwareBytes flagging pages as insecure, part 2

Last we left off…

Because MalwareBytes is an antivirus that monitors all incoming and outgoing connections, it can also see the IP of your website, and if you aren’t using Cloudflare, it can see the 185.26.134.X ip, and it could have been flagged. Also expanding on the above, it may scan the incoming content and decides that it doesn’t like it, and again, flag it. I think the best solution here is to submit a report to MalwareBytes that your site is safe.

So yes, I contacted MalwareBytes and opened ticket 3986962, the final conclusion of which was “I would recommend contacting the hosting company to alert them to the malicious items that are on the same server in which your website is hosted and request them to address it.”

Can this be addressed? Or do I need to look for a different hosting company?


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