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Hi, we have a domain ( registered with Ionos 1&1 , and our previous free hosting site lost our records so I thought I’d try a new one - InfinityFree!
I set up an account and copied the (very small and simple) website over. I left the set up as it had been on the previous host as Frame fowarding, but although the page would load in Firefox it wouldn’t in Chrome because Google said it wasn’t secure.
Following some advice on this message board, I set up the domain on InfinityFree and changed the nameservers on 1&1 to point to infinityfree.
Once that was propagated it worked fine and could load on multiple browsers. BUT… our email associated with that domain could no longer get through! Obviously the nameserver change meant that the emails were directed to InfinityFree and then dropped. I was going to setup a mail forwarding but this is not available on a free hosting account.
For now, I have reverted the 1&1 nameservers - it is far more important for us that email works than the website.
Can anyone suggest a way forward - I really don’t want to pay for such a small simple landing page.
Thanks for the help … Peter

Hi and welcome to the forum

Do you have a specific email provider? or it was on an ex-host (currently 0wh) ?

Why not use Cloudflare for several reasons
then it will become your DNS provider and you put all the necessary records there ( TXT, SPF, etc.).

one of the options

But before you switch to CF you need to add the domain here to the system if you haven’t, and then put it back on CF and set up the rest


Thanks OxyDac, following one of the links you gave says: " Email Forwarding is now in private beta, and you can save your place in line through this sign-up form." So it looks like it might be a solution, but not today - or have I missed something obvious?

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I realise I didn’t answer your question. 1&1 provide a single email account and that is the one we’re using. So our email provider is 1&1.

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It’s in beta, but getting access to it is now much faster.


if I understood correctly you don’t need to do anything special except set up MX records.
I guess they don’t limit you in any way in the sense that you have to use their products explicitly for email to work.



if you have some additional security records for email
try disabling them temporarily while you convince your self that the email works and then add things like DKIM, SPF, etc.

And definitely wait for DNS propagation before testing


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