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I own the domain which is linked through cloudflare to an active IF hosting account. I would like to link a subdomain of the main domain to a different IF account, is this allowed by TOS and possible in any way? I have tried adding the subdomain but I get the “already added to an account” error message.

And I want to avoid having to change nameservers again, as that would cause my main site temporarily to bypass CF protection.

What do you mean by link? Do you want to use InfinityFree with the subdomain?

Yes, like: → Main IF account. Keep this intact. → Entirely different IF account.

Not possible. Only reseller account can do that

As in TOS or technical limitations?

Read the TOS, and you will see there are only technical limitations, no legal limitations.

Please note that you can have a maximum of 3 (three) Hosting Accounts in one Client Area Profile, and only 1 (one) Client Area Profile.


I only have 2 accounts used of 3. Both accounts used in this example exist already. :man_facepalming: WIth that out of the way, is there an actual solution?

If you have hosted on one Hosting account, then that domain and any of its subdomains will also be created on that hosting account. It isn’t possible to host the top-level domain on one Hosting Account and a subdomain on a different one.

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All limitations are technical. In order to have a domain on its own account, you must be able set nameservers for that domain. Since it is impossible to set nameservers on a subdomains, you cannot do what you want to do.

You can however, add the subdomain to the IF account that has the main domain, and add it to Cloudflare using the guide I linked above. It will have its own filemanager section, so the two sites will not share the same files.

Is there a specific reason that you want to do this for?

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I think we can…

Yes, to have separate management for the two sites that have entirely different content and also differ in the written language.

Same answer applies


Those are different. It’s confusing, but there are two different types of records. there is the DNS NS record (They one you show), and the domain nameservers (What you need to set).

More Info:

Goto Control Panel, and click Subdomains to create a subdomain.

I think I made it work, idk.

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