Limited size for HTML files?

I’m trying to upload some files to my new website.
Small files are fine, using FTP or File Manager.
But files beyond 2.6 Mb are being refused.
Is it any kind of size limit?


I tried small file size, but it is being refused too…
I’m uploading to htdocs folder.
Inside it, I have many other folders and, for them, no problem to upload.

I’m confused.

It seems that 1.024 kb is the file size limit.
Is it true?
Is there a workaround for that?

It depends on the file type.

1 MB (technically MiB) = 1024 KiB
10 kB (again, technically KiB) = 10240 bytes
10 MiB = 10,485,760 bytes / 1024 KiB


Thank you for replying.

Yes, I was trying to upload HTML files with 3 and 5 Mb to htdocs folder…
So, no other way? No solution?

You could try this


Thank you.

I’ll try to do that.


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