Let's Encryp SSL Certificate Stuck At Pending

Username : epiz_31097288
URL : imgbase.xyz

I connected my domain to cloudflare and from infinity free I can’t get the let’s encrypt SSL certificate. I setted the CName right and it got verified but it is stuck at pending.

The server my be experiencing some issues currently.

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link is redirecting to bitly ?

The link was removed as it violated our policy.

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Can u fix or help for my issue pls

It can take 72 hours after you have entered the CNAME before the system can find it. You probably just need to be patient.

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i created a ‘gogetssl’ certificate but got a ‘lets encrypt’ one how?

You might have misplaced the cerys

whats ‘cerys’?

see this

Thegreen card is not real time, so wait.

Now same for ZeroSSL. I waited long for cname and i don’t want to wait again -,-

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There were some problems with both Let’s Encrypt and ZeroSSL yesterday. I’m not quite sure what happened, but I think the root cause was centered our the DNS for acme.infinityfree.net.

In any case, it seems OK now.


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