How to renew main site

whenever i try to renew my ssl certificate for my main site and not sub domain

it makes it a subdomain how to fix this

even why I do this

Does it work if you just ignore the extra Also, you will need to set the CNAME record at CloudFlare because those are the nameservers you’re using.

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i didnt understood

If you were using our nameservers, the instructions in the client area would change a bit, and it would give you a separate Record Name and Domain you can put into the control panel as they are shown.

But the client area now clearly says you need to add the records at Cloudflare, and provide instructions on how to add them to Cloudflare.

And of course, Cloudflare instructions don’t work very well here.


ohk but i am not able to understand what do I have to do next?

Add the records wherever your nameservers are set. Since you are using cloud flare, set them there.


is this correct?

I added the ‘source’ and ‘destination’ from client area

but its been more than 3hrs

it is showing (No CNAME found)

Why can’t you use a self signed cert along with cloudflare?


In general, please read the instructions shown in the client area carefully. It said to add the records to Cloudflare before (not our control panel). But also to add them as “DNS Only”.

So please remove the Cloudflare proxy from the CNAME record, or it will not work.

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done now its ‘ready’ but its been 6hrs SSL certificate has not been created
it is just written that
‘We’re requesting your SSL certificate. Please do not remove the CNAME records until this is complete. You can refresh the page to see if the certificate has been created.’

GoGetSSL certificates can take some time to be created. Having to wait a few hours is not unusual. Let’s Encrypt and ZeroSSL are usually faster.

I just checked and see the certificates were issued already.

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