Issues? Vote and wait for admin to reply[Closed]

Let’s see how many of you got issues. (if you have any issues please reply with your country name)

  • I’m facing issues [FTP,522,501,502, others…]
  • My website is up [No Issues]
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Please stop posting same topics again and again… let the admin reply to one so we can know whats going on.



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Change the title to be more atractive, so pleople will see this poll

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My website was briefly up and now won’t load again.

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Perhaps they should start replying then. We are all waiting for a reply :frowning:



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My website is down, but the link to it is on my cv. My portfolio is being reviewed by a company, but there is no way for me to change that link. They just go to the broken website… :frowning: I am so sad. I’ve just bought a proper domain and I am wondering how I can make this not working link redirect to my new website.

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If you want to redirect your domain to another, in CPanel at the DOMAINS section you can find REDIRECTION. From there you can foward the entire domain you selected to another working domain

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Thanks. However, when I go there and try to press “Alter redirects” button the entire thing just starts loading and hangs like that for ages. Then I get:
504 Gateway Time-out
The server didn’t respond in time.

This site can’t be reached !! From Spain

I’m having issues with monsta FTP, it says that it can’t login


Issue in USA but not sure this is a country related issue at all.

It’s not really a country related issue it’s more like, almost everyone is having the same issue of yours.

I think everyone is getting inpatient because there’s been no replies from the admin and it looks like pple have been having this problem for 9+ hours.

and it looks like pple have been having this problem for 9+ hours.

9 hours, you say? :sweat_smile:

Would the admins give us an update on what they found out at least not accessible from India, US, Japan, Netherlands (tried through VPN)

From what I can see from my end, the entire FTP service is down, and about 1/3 of all website IP addresses are unreachable. Websites are spread over the IP addresses fairly evenly, so I think approximately 1/3 of all websites are unreachable at this moment.

These websites are down on our end, so they are completely unreachable from all over the world.

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Do you have any information about how long this will last?
[and i heard some websites/FTP’S were accessed from different locations that’s why is asked about their country]