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I am getting problems with cloudflare ssl. I will share the domain later on but just need to get the concept right. All i want is ssl or something which will prevent the user seeing risk attacker page before they go to my website.

I created a cloudflare account. I got a domain, added it on the cpanel and enabled cloudflare from cpanel. The nameservers were indicating infinityfree/epizy nameservers. Then I added the domain to cloudflare. No DNS found so I proceed to the next step. Once done, I change the nameserves to cloudflare. I have done this stuff multiple times in different order, sometimes, not enabling cloudflare on cpanel, sometimes giving the cloudlfare nameserves straightaway and other times giving byet nameserves. I have tried many ways but this still does not work. Cloudflare did find Dns couple of times but still did not work.
In the instructions, it says that once we enable cloudflare, an account should be auto-created but I do not see any account apart from the one I created. No change of password comes to my email. I am just stuck and not sure what to do. All I wanted was to let user see the website normally and not see the risk alert msg. I am happy with your epizy domain too for now.

I have tried to add the domain as alaises or add-on both dont work but aliases works better although I would prefer add-on. Would you give me a solution for add-on domain too or just add-on if possible coz aliases would mean user going to epizy domain hence no point of the domain n ssl in the first place.

thanks a lot @Admin

There are two ways to use Cloudflare:

  • You can sign up with Cloudflare yourself, and change your domain’s nameservers to point to Cloudflare’s nameservers instead. You’ll have full DNS control, but are responsible for setting up your DNS correctly yourself.
  • You can use our control panel integration. Your domain will still use our nameservers, and our nameservers will pass your website through Cloudflare. We will make sure that your website’s DNS is correct, however, the way this works now is that it breaks all other DNS records (including subdomains and receiving email).

You’ll need to pick one of these two methods to set up your domain. Just please don’t try to do both, because that will break your website.

Finally, please note that both of these options are only available if you have your own domain name. Cloudflare does not provide their services for subdomains.

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thanks for your reply. It has cleared the concept in my mind.

  1. How do we get the DNS information from cpanel? The posts online werent useful tbh
  2. If we choose second method then do we get a cloudflare account sent to our email where we have to set it up by changing the password etc? If yes then i am not sure why i dont get it. If not then that means, everything would be normal and all we need to do it, enable cloudflare and add another domain to cpanel. Everything else will be automatically done is that right? Are you saying if I choose 2nd method then i wont be able to receive any emails and the epizy subdomain wont work?
  3. I am assuming all this works on alaises/parked domain coz if its an add-on then the folder of the add-on domain is empty and the domain takes me no where


You can’t. This article does tell you how to get the IP address:

But I do agree that an article on how to configure the DNS records exactly would probably be helpful.

I think you should get an email, but that’s up to Cloudflare to do. If you didn’t get a password, please check the contact email of your hosting account (through the Update Contact Email in the control panel, not the client area), and try to request a password reset on Cloudflare’s website with that.

The email and subdomains won’t work on the domain name you’re activating Cloudflare on. So if you enable Cloudflare for, then you won’t be able to receive email at [email protected] and setup subdomains like Any other domain names will be unaffected.

Cloudflare works on all custom domains, regardless of how they are added to your account.

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Thanks @Admin

The issue here is that if I have 2 websites for example in my client panel (no accounts under the same client panel) then both have the same email address as default. When I enable cloudflare that means, both websites will create the same account with the same email address. This might be the reason for issues perhaps? Do you recommend me changing my email address on cpanel update email info?

Also I have gone through the ariticle but stuck at this part
“Then, create an ALIAS record (or CNAME flattening record) for your domain name in your own nameservers, pointing to your account’s main domain.” Do u mean, i got to go into cpanel, custom cname records then enter the new domain in record name and main domain from cpanel in destination? If thats the case then I do not get any numbers. I think cloudflare asks for the IP numbers so I need those somehow for the content section.

You don’t have to use an IP address with Cloudflare and you don’t have to use a CNAME record with us. Just setup the CNAME records as instructed in the article. Or read on and learn how you can find out the actual IP address.

In other words, just follow the instructions in the article.

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Again, I dont understand “Then, create an ALIAS record (or CNAME flattening record) for your domain name in your own nameservers, pointing to your account’s main domain.” or anything after that.
Do u mean, i got to go into cpanel, custom cname records then enter the new domain in record name and main domain from cpanel in destination?
what goes in record name and destination? once its done then everyhting else is automatically done?


No! You got to go in the Cloudflare dashboard, select your domain, and in the DNS page, create a new CNAME record with name @ and as value your account’s Main Domain!

thanks @Ergastolator1 and @Admin for your help. Ive done what u told me to do. If I add the domain on parked domain then it redirects to the original domain which then does not have the ssl again. If I add it to add-on domain then a new folder gets created and I get directory listing. I searched online and some people said that I can change the website on sitelink on wordpress however, that messed up everything

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Thanks @Ergastolator1 for liking the posting but lol it was a question. https has still not been sorted

I had a filter that filters for thanks messages for my help and if I helped someone I like that.
And, what is your website URL so that I can completely help you?

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I have added the domain as alaises. Then added the dns on cloudflare and the website. Whenever I click the link, it redirects to the original domain. If I add it to add-on domain then a new folder gets created and I get directory listing.

okay the website is and direct to original domain epizy one. Please do not mention other domains in your answer

If you setup a domain as an Addon Domain, it get it’s own directory. If it’s an Alias Domain, then it will execute whatever code is running on the domain it’s parked on. If that website code happens to redirect all visitors to it’s main URL, then that’s what happens.

We can probably help you make a decision on what is the best way to setup your website. Can you please explain how exactly you would like the new domain to work?

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@admin thanks for your help. I mentioned everything above and multiple times but I understand you have limited time to help. The sole reason for the new domain is have a ssl or at least stop the website showing risk alert. I do not care if its an Addon or Aliases.

After doing this dozens of times, I have realised that if its an Addon domain, then it will create its own directory hence no content inside and shows a message saying directory listing. If i add the domain as Alias then it would redirect the domain to its original domain which shows the ssl risk error again hence destorying the reason of having an additonal domain in the first place.

@admin please help me to sort this out as I have sent way too long on this minor issue.

OK, I had to read the topic again to figure out what the original problem was and how we got here.

The original question: setting up SSL with Cloudflare on Status: DONE. has working SSL now.

So why does the .ga domain not show your website? That’s because redirects all traffic to, and that domain doesn’t have SSL.

How to fix that issue? That depends on what your desired situation should look like. Do you want the subdomain to show valid SSL? Then you need to install an SSL certificate on that subdomain. Do you want to show the website on the .ga domain and not redirect to the domain? Then the problem is with website configuration, with probably the same root cause as in your other topic: Hosting creating issues in circle

So this may not be an SSL issue, Cloudflare issue or DNS issue.

If you still need help, can you please clarify exactly what is the problem you’re looking to solve right now, and describe what the desired situation is.

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Yes its the latter solution I am after although the whole point of this new domain is to stop people from seeing the risk alert. Installing an SSL on the subdomain didnt work unless I buy an SSL. Freessl didnt work. So I had to go to the path of getting a new domain and only give the new domain to people to search my website. Yes .ga redirects to the base domain which is causing the issue. How can I stop the redirect or just show a safe website either on epizy or preferably the new domain


Please read the question above.
If I cant stop alias redirects then what can I do? Add the domain as add-on but then it would show directory listing not the website.

Alias domains don’t cause redirects, but WordPress does. Try changing the Website URL in WordPress from the domain to the .ga domain. That should cause the subdomain to redirect to your new domain. And if you add https to the URL, it might even force HTTPS on your entire site!

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Adding SSL to a Wordpress website can be tricky. If you directly add HTTPS in Wordpress, it will probably mess up the structure and lock you out of Wordpress itself. Even if you do get in, there will be multiple redirects for no reason, causing high CPU usage, and some of your images might not load either.

This is an off site link, but I will advise you to read it thoroughly before doing anything.


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